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11 lesser known apps I used

Andreas Tzionis


Here's a quick listicle with 10 lesser known apps that I use frequently:

“2FAS auth”

Using SMS for 2FA is convenient until you need to switch your SIM card. Then you need to find your other phone which has more probably ran out of battery. Only after you put it back on power and wait a bit you can get the magic 6 digit number to log back in to Amazon.


Back in April I was switching Airbnb places. The place I was staying had a 10am checkout and my new place had a 4pm checkin. I used Stasher another of my lesser known apps so I didn't have to carrying two 23L luggage bags in central London for 8 hours. I went with an Uber to a Holiday Inn hotels nearby drop the luggage and 8 hours to wonder around hassle free till. Then, I went back at 4pm to collect them and move to my new apartment.


Last year I was visiting friends a lot. Visiting someone for 2-3 days is simple. If you forget about something it's not a big deal. If you are visiting someone for 1-2 weeks or going on holidays you have to be certain that you take all essentials. This app helps you with that. The have 8-9 categories that you select items from to make sure you never forget anything when you are out. Packr do saved lists where you can save the lists you find useful to use them as checklists later.


This app finds you toilets close by. They have a database of public toilets and combine them with accessible shops nearby like Starbucks or McDonalds. I find it easier to use than using google maps or apple maps for this specific purpose.

“UK Postbox”

UK Postbox has two functions. The app can work as a printing services where you upload a document and they send you the printed version. Very useful if you are moving around and don't have easy access to a printer. The second thing the do is provide you with a temporary address at an affordable price to have your parcels at. A thing that I find handy when I was staying at an Airbnb and wanted to make sure that I receive my delivery.

“Cloud console”

This is not for everyone. But for people in IT it is often useful to run some unix commands on a terminal like nslookup, traceroute, ifconfig, dig, ping, curl/wget, hostname etc. Google Cloud Console provides an excellent way to run them on the go.

”Just Watch”

Did you ever wanted to watch a show and worried whether is it on Netflix? For me it happens all the time. Other that that I find Just watch useful to do reverse search. That means that I list all streaming services I have a subscription with and find shows and movies I'm interested in watching. This is on the verge of being popular yet I haven't met many people using it. So, I figure I include it in my list of lesser known apps.


This is one of the lesser known apps that you don't realised how good it is until you use it. It has most products in and most of the times new products enter in just few days after they are released. It's great to give you a sense of how calorie heavy a product is and how much sugar / fat / protein etc it has.


A really polished video editor for Android and iOS that makes video producing on the go possible. InShot is great when you want to convey a message through a video with text, stickers and instagram-like filters that is becoming popular through in social platforms like TikTok and Youtube.

“Contacts Sync”

If you had an Android and you bough a new device that also runs Android OS your contracts are there. They are synched through your Google account. The same applies to iPhones. You tap the backs of the two phones and after some waiting all your settings are passed to your new device along with your contracts. When I switched from Android to iOS I couldn't find any other way to transfer my contracts between the two ecosystem other than this app. Another thing it does is 2-way sync that synchronised your contacts to AND from your new phone.


For anyone who read my What the minimum budget to run a web/mobile app? article might be confused but I still used MailChimp. That is because I have integrated them in a few of my web apps and that have a small user based and I'm still in the free tier. One advantage of this is that they have a great mobile app which lets me send emails to my app's subscribers straight from my iPhone!

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