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Failing to make $100m dollars

Learning to code (2010)

Got one of the first widescreen phones and tried to fixed the battery widget. Found its source code and keep playing around code since.

Pokemon apps (2011)

Develop two mobile apps for hardcore Pokemon fans. Totalled around 250k downloads and 50k active installs.

Local buses app (2011)

Built an app for local buses that got 10k downloads. Then buses changed schedule and Google removed it from Play Store for obvious reasons.

Blockchain forks (2013)

Aimed to build a decentralized game and played around with bitcoin source. Failed to put a dog name to it.

Mobile gaming (2015)

Worked for a few months a mobile game prototype. Became comfortable with it to learn someone built it and was already successful.

SaaS and funding (2018)

Got a phone call right before easter. Prepared a deck last night before pitching. Got funding that will ever spend.

Dev tooling (2020)

Became obsessed with software tools. Built a bunch then realised hard work what hard work is.

Micro SaaS (2021)

Built a tiny SaaS in a weekend. Messed up its Product Hunt release date and learn from my bank account about my SaaS customer.

Crypto Bounties (2022)

Worked remotely, anonymously and relentlessly on crypto bounties. PS: I'm not this guy.

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